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Shakespeare wrote “all the world’s a stage and men and women merely players.” In the world of leadership, the workplace provides the stage for us to perform as leaders, and too often we no longer recognize which is the act and which is us.

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As leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that our teams are motivated and empowered to move forward to achieve both personal and organizational goals.  Great leaders work daily to keep their teams motivated and inspired. 

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Calvin and Hobbes were speaking more truth than they realized.  Research has shown that many leaders arrive at their positions as a result of organizational need, rather than a planned, career trajectory.

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The greatest danger of the plateau is that it simply feels so comfortable.   In fact, it feels so comfortable you may not even realize you have plateaued. 

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Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  We are people who need people and not just people to follow us around because we are the leader.  We need people to walk ahead of us and beside us and with us. 

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As leaders, curiosity builds into our organizations by giving permission to dream of what could be. When leaders create a culture of exploration, they allow natural curiosity to drive discovery.







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