With over 25 years of executive-level leadership experience and multiple years in the classroom as a Professor of Organizational Leadership, my career reflects my passion for developing leadership in others. My breadth of experience allows me to understand the challenges and opportunities facing today’s leaders.

I truly believe that everyone has potential to lead and igniting that potential in others brings me great joy.  

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Dr. Joy Karavedas

My book "From Striving to Thriving" was released March of 2023


I'm married with two children and five grandchildren

Personal life:

I love to travel! I've visited 24 countries and 39 US states (so far)

favorite activity:

I love the beach, especially a sunset over the water

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The journey is more important than the destination, and my passion is to guide people on their leadership journey. But this journey doesn’t need to happen alone. Many amazing people have walked with me on my journey which has sparked my passion to journey with others.

Leadership is a continual growth experience, and the best leaders never forget that.  

Experience and a few letters behind the name do not make a person a leader.

Dr. Joy Karavedas is an experienced leader with over 25 years of executive-level leadership in independent schools and nonprofits. With a Masters in Education and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Karavedas actively teaches as a Professor at Bachelors and Masters levels. She currently holds the position of Senior Director of Research and New Program Development at Orange Lutheran High School where she is responsible for development and oversight of the school’s flexible learning options and pathways exploring innovation in education.

With a strong academic and research focus on development of middle management leaders for next level leadership, Dr. Karavedas has written multiple publications and made several presentations on a variety of topics including Becoming Your Own Leader, Impact and Influence of Mid-Level Leaders, Leadership for Leaders, Women in Leadership, Equip, Empower, Engage, and more. After multiple academic publications, Dr. Karavedas recently published her first book, From Striving to Thriving, as a practical guide for growth in leadership and life. 

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