As a recognized expert in leadership at all levels, Dr. Joy offers her expertise to individuals and organizations to grow their own leadership potential. Improve in communication, employee engagement, team building, vision casting, and so much more.

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After decades in leadership positions and years spent studying leadership, my lived experience has shown that leadership is much easier said than done. Experience and a few letters behind the name do not make a person a leader. Leadership is a continual growth experience, and the best leaders never forget that. 

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Previous training topics have included: leadership for leaders, developing teams that thrive, empowering leaders in the middle, understanding executive presence, communication that works.

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Dr. Gina Horton, Dean of Academics, Aquinas High School

"There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a workshop or PD that you know is going to be useless, but today wasn’t that!. My team and I had the pleasure of hearing from author and speaker Dr. Joy Karavedas. I got to participate in one of the Top 10 best PD’s I’ve experienced. I love when a session leaves my mind reeling with questions and ideas and a desire to change!"

"My team and I had the pleasure of hearing from  Dr. Joy Karavedas - I got to participate in one of the Top 10 best PD’s I’ve experienced."

Maria Gross, Gro-Nova Inc.

"The leadership journey is personal but impacts so many. Dr. Joy Karavedas shared how we all thrive in our own leadership journey, beginning with intentionally finding then sharing our value to make an impact within our network of influence."

"The leadership journey is personal but impacts so many."

Summer Hibard, CFO, Spiral Paper Tube and Core

"I really love how Dr. Karavedas blends formal training with practical wisdom. Her guidance is down to earth and her wisdom is attainable. She walks you through how to grow and how to lead, from wherever your starting point may be."

"I really love how Dr. Karavedas blends formal training with practical wisdom."

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